June 2014

How To: Vacation Hair

When you’re on vacation, you deserve a break! Not only from work and your everyday routine, but also a break from styling your hair.  Unless you’re prepared to wear a wig, sport a 24/7 top bun or shave your head while you are on vacation, taking a time away from doing your hair will be basically impossible. Not only is it unrealistic, but you might even have to work harder to tame that mane depending on climate and frizz factor!

Today I’m offering some quick tips on how to be prepared for the climate you are traveling to. Again and again, so many of my guests have confessed their frustration AFTER they have returned from a beautiful tropical trip. I hear about major frizz issues, or that they didn’t know what tools/ products to bring, especially when it comes to liquid restrictions on flights.

Not every head of hair is the same. Some people have more frizz issues than others, but generally, if your hair is longer than a chin length bob (and not ‘poker straight’) then you’ll want to do something with your hair while you are away before taking a selfie in front of the Eiffel tower.

So- here it is: products, tools, and styling recommendations to make your life a little easier while you are on vacation

MUST BRING: travel size professional products. You can purchase travel size kits to fill with your own products at any dollar store so you don’t have to buy mini shampoos and conditioners. Although it is tempting to use the hotel shampoos and conditioners, please don’t! They can make your hair greasy and /or dry out your professionally coloured hair, leaving your hair feeling more dry and damaged.  I also recommend bringing styling product, elastics, a flat iron/curl wand, and clips

Trim Hair Salon - Howto vacation hair

SUNNY/TROPICAL CLIMATE – if your blonde highlights cant afford to hang out in the sun- protect your locks by using AVEDA Hair veil or sun masque.

DRY DESSERT CLIMATE- if your hair is already parched use KEVIN MURPHY Hydrate Me wash/rinse.

RAINY OR JUST PLAIN HUMID CLIMATE – If your hair becomes frizzier on a humid day AVEDA Smooth infusion style prep/ or be curly style prep- both can be air-dried or blown dry to prevent excessive unwanted frizz. Also- AVEDA Air control- adds weightless hold, defends frizz from humid any climate

ALSO- if you have an oily scalp- and you are worried about grease- bring along AVEDA Shampure shampoo- it gives a squeaky clean feel and can be used as a body wash as well:)

A few simple styles to rock while away:

Trim Hair Salon - Howto vacation hair

Worst case scenario- just treat yourself to a shampoo and BLOWDRY at a local salon if you are away on business or just want to be pampered. They usually cost 30-45$ and takes about 30 minutes.

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