November 2015

The Power of Organic Hair Colour

By Bridgette. Stylist at Trim Hair Salon.

Trim Hair Salon - Bridgette

Introducing: Natulique certified organic, ammonia free hair colour now available at TRiM!

Many guests come to the salon and tell us about the sensitivities or reactions they have to different products. Something we have been encountering as stylists is a gradual increase in scalp sensitivities and even migraines & nausea after a colour service. We even experience symptoms like sore throats after a long day.

But why is this happening now? Have you always had this, never said anything about it, or just thought it was a part of being a woman. After all beauty is pain, RIGHT!?  WRONG!!!

Research has shown that throughout life, toxins in our bodies build up and at a certain point the body has a negative reaction and says ENOUGH! It fights back, and screams do not do this to me again.

One of the biggest culprits is a necessary evil for those of us who are not satisfied with being Grey, or just Blah. Not that Natural is blah, but some of us need a push to be vibrant, and so we colour our hair.

One toxin found in haircolour is called PPD and sometimes it causes Migraines, Nausea, a total feeling of being unwell, and at the very least scalp soreness, redness, and sometimes lesions. Today as I sit and write this educational (or so I hope) blog, one of my dear clients is being cared for by a coworker, and we are happy to end her pain, her nausea, migraines, and scalp lesions! Because today we use Natulique Colour on her.

We are so happy to introduce a safer alternative for coloring hair. It’s Not JUST Naturally Derived, it is full of Certified Organic Ingredients, it is totally AMMONIA FREE, 11 of its shades are free from PPD and or Resorcinol and it has no odor or caustic fumes.

Because most of us cannot actually say Paraphenylendiamine, we call it PPD, it is a colorless substance that when oxidized gives a natural looking pigment to hair, AND is found in Gasoline, Grease, Photocopying and Printing ink, and worst of all, Tires…yup Tires…and we put it on our scalps and let it soak into our skin.

Much like Ammonia, a colorless gas with a pungent smell. Ammonia is caustic and hazardous. Approximately 83% of Ammonia is used in Fertilizers, and is a common Household Cleaner. Why are we putting this on our scalp?

Here at trim we take our careers seriously. We love our clients and want to keep doing our job for years to come, so for the sake of you and I we decided to offer a cleaner and healthier option.

Why Natulique?


 Visit and for more information.

If your health and the environment is important to you, then the choice is Natulique.

It is the only Certified Organic Hair Colour Line exclusively for professionals.

Made of Gentle Organic Extracts and Oils, free of Parabens, Artificial Colors, and Perfumes.

And Best of all the lowest amount of PPD at 0.025% or 0


Hair by TRiM stylists Jocelyn and Bridgette. Makeup by Marie Pearce.

We are excited to be able to accommodate guests with even the most sensitive of scalps: as always we look forward to welcoming you at TRiM

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