February 2016

Spring 2016’s Trending Wedding Hairstyles

All stylists know that come February/March, wedding season is on the horizon. The influx of brides planning for their big day with elaborate hair and makeup test runs is always exciting, and at Trim Hair Salon, we’ve got an amazing wedding portfolio (check it out here).

Spring 2016’s Bridal Fashion Week goes back to basics and highlights natural beauty and hairstyles, which we love. If you’re planning your wedding, take a look at these beautiful, timeless hairstyles for your big day (and of course come by the salon to try them out!)



Such a classic look, but add a few little details to fit your style and suddenly it’s a completely unique, and totally you hairstyle. A nice tight, sleek low bun is perfect for a vintage hollywood wedding. On the flip side, loosen it up a bit, add some teeny tiny flowers and you’ve got the perfect hairstyle for a boho chic wedding.




Veils are, and always will be a wedding staple. But why not stray from the norm and try adding a simple dainty headpiece to any hairstyle! The result is absolutely stunning and unique. Try something like this or this.




We’ll be the first to say it, wedding hairstyles can get a bit boring. This year we’ve been seeing a lot of braids for the big day and it’s amazing! Braid your hair into a lovely up-do (that won’t budge all day) or let it down in a long braid that looks amazing with a backless dress. If you’re feeling really crazy you can add in some little embellishments for a real wow-factor. (think these)

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 7.19.59 PM



These beautiful and refreshing hairstyles are so simple you won’t even be adding hair to your list of wedding worries!

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By: Cameo Heun

All it takes is one sunny day during a cold, dark Vancouver winter to get all of us Vancouverites planning for Spring.  With the much awaited change in season comes the change in wardrobe, hair and makeup. It’s almost time to tuck away all the turtlenecks and put the wool coats back in storage, so let’s take a look at the upcoming Spring trends of 2016.


Slick, 50’s Greaser: 

Brands like Lanvin, Louis Vuitton and Brioni are rocking the greaser look on the runway this Spring.


Keeping the sides a little longer and growing out the top are the keys to this look. Add a high-shine gel or mousse and you’re set! We’d recommend Brilliant Humectant Pomade by Aveda for a heavy hold, high shine and extremely defined do. 


Don’t think James Spader in Pretty in Pink. Think Dior’s 2016 Spring runway.


This look works great for you guys with straight hair. A bit of blowdrying may be involved but it’ll be totally worth it. Finish it off with a light-medium pomade like Kevin Murphy’s FREE.HOLD and you’re in business.


Low Bun:

This style is so simple and elegant, and can be worn so many different ways with so many different looks. On top of that, it’s very easy to do at home.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 1.35.31 PM

You can part this look in the middle, or on the side whatever you prefer and finish it off with a high shine hairspray, like Kevin Murphy’s SESSION.SPRAY. This hairstyle is perfect for the office, post-work drinks, weekend celebrations, you name it.

The Twist:

Braids will always be in, but this year the braid has gotten a bit of a makeover. The 2 strand twist is huge on the Spring 2016 runway and we love it.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 1.45.53 PM

To master this sleek look, start off with Aveda’s Pure Abundance Style Prep for some grip, and finish it off with a high shine spray like we mentioned above.

Spring is just around the corner and if we all keep planning for it hopefully it will come faster. If you ever need any tips or amazing hair product recommendations come by the salon and our staff and stylists will be more than happy to help you!

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