August 2016


Fall is a great time to get a fringe. It’s an easy way to switch up your look, and a fun farewell to the heat and humidity of the summer (with enough time to grow out before next year).

Here are a few of our favourites, and who they’re best suited to.


The Zooey. Whether shorter and shattered, or hanging long and heavy, Zooey Deschanel’s trademark fringe is always quite full. It’s great for those with lots of fine hair and a high forehead. The low, strong line will make your eyes pop, but think carefully about this one – it takes FOREVER to grow out.

Zooey-Deschanel-ART_0 Zooeybang


Micro bangs (or baby bangs) are now and have always been the coolest. They’re best for bob-length and above, and tend to work well with finer hair textures. And see above re: grow-out.

micro1 micro206-micro-bob-bangs-6


Which brings us to what I call the midi bang. Well above the eyebrow, but not short enough to be considered a micro, this fringe is best carried off with full confidence. It adds a little intrigue while opening up and elongating your face.

midi2 midibang1 Baby_Bangs_Vogue_Italia_


Ah, the Bardot bang. So versatile. So multifaceted. So timeless. This bang starts out as an almost full fringe with a lot of texture, slopes down at the corners, and grows out beautifully. If you’re into this look, it works best if you’re willing to put in a bit of blow-dry time.

bardot BB1 brigitte-bardot


The side-sweep works great for those with a naturally deep part, strong growth patterns along the front hairline and anyone who wants a fringe without commitment. It looks best when blow-dried, but it’s not absolutely necessary depending your hair type.


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HOW TO: Crimp Without a Crimper


Love the look of an unruly crimp? Lamenting the loss of your crimper for $10 at that yard sale back in 1997? Us too. Luckily crimping without a crimping iron is super simple, and actually gives a better result.


  1. When hair is damp (the wetter your hair, the longer lasting the crimp), apply a volumizer with a bit of hold from root to end. Aveda’s Phomollient or Kevin Murphy’s Body Builder are great options.
  2. Beginning at the nape, take small sections of hair – no more than 1 inch – and braid down to the bottom. Secure with a soft elastic or backcomb the ends gently to hold. The very tips of your ends are the most fragile and prone to breakage so handle with care.
  3. Continue until the desired amount of “crimping” is in place, and then set with a very light hairspray.
  4. Once dry, break up the braids and brush out with a soft, nylon or boar-bristle brush. The more you brush the bigger it will be.

*best done before bed


  • Unless you’re going for a very uniform look, vary the the size of your braids and the consistency of their placement.
  • For crimps that go all the way to the root, begin as you would a french braid from the scalp.
  • No time to wash? Braid your dry hair as described and then run a flat iron over the braids a few times to lock them in. Allow them time to cool and then break up and brush.


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Tired of the tight fade but don’t know how to handle longer hair? You’re not alone. Most guys in my chair don’t know what to do with their hair and just defer to wearing it short. And while we all love a nice, clean cut, sometimes it’s nice to embrace what’s there.

Slightly grown out is looking good these days, especially if you’re lucky enough to have a bit of wave in your hair. A little longer and looser is nice, and with the right cut (and perhaps product), it can look just as put together as a short style.

928473-chris-hemsworth-784x996 b77b3a17f855124848ed1a15e7e9f556Mens-Hairstyles-Medium-Straight-Hair

Use a light- to medium-hold paste or cream to control the sides and back if needed during the grow-out.

For those with straighter hair, aren’t you lucky the 90s are back. Go for a shag a la Kurt Cobain, or grow it out and rock a real man bun. A light paste or cream to dirty it up a bit is encouraged but not required.


If you don’t want to venture into man bun or even shag territory, letting those super tight sides get just a bit more length can update your style with minimal effort and annoyance. This works best if your hair is finer and softer in texture.


Use a lightweight paste or cream as needed to style. Beginning in the back, work product throughout the hair and let it set with some texture before smoothing it into place. The key to styling is balance; essentially, your hair should balance out the proportions of your head. If it’s long and narrow, keep a little extra length on the sides. If you have a wide face or very square jaw, add some length up top.

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trending: FALL 2016

We are so into what’s happening with hair this fall! It’s all about that natural vibe we love, with light styling and soft colours all over the place. Texture is here to stay; big, brushed out curls, crimps and messy waves are all over the runways and it’s ah-mazing. If you like your hair to shift with the seasons (as it really should, even if just a little), fall’s the time to tone down those sun-bleached highlights with some creamier or golden tones. If you’re into going darker, or are already there, we are loving light golden browns and soft auburns, along with chocolates and even very deep espressos. Add a touch of lightness around the face for a bit of reflect and dimension.


Chopped your locks last year into the famed lob? Try going a bit shorter with an off-the-shoulder-but-below-the-chin bob. It looks great swinging over scarfs and looks so so good with a full fringe.


Hair accessories are back! From decorative clips and pins to beautiful headpieces with a vintage feel, you can add them to any simple style to take it up a notch.


Over the last few months the messy bun has become a messy knot, which you can tie basically anywhere on your head. It’s effortlessly adorable and anyone can do it.


Have fun this season and switch it up! It’s a great time of year to change your look and we’d love to help you do it!

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Product of the Month

Shampure Dry Shampoo



This compact squeeze bottle is packed with powder to stretch out your washes, saving you precious time and shampoo.

For many of us, it’s not our first time to the dry shampoo rodeo; it’s miracle dust that makes even the limpest hair look like voluminous bed-head even after day three. However, most of the effective dry shampoos on the market contain aluminium as one of the first ingredients in an aerosol can full of chemicals. It’s not great for our bodies or the ozone.

Shampure’s base is corn starch and the squeeze bottle puffs out small amounts at once so you don’t overuse this potent product. We have a few dry shampoo addicts here at Trim and they all agree (in their very professional opinions) that Shampure is the best you can get, while still feeling good about using it.

How To Use

1. Beginning at your nape, squeeze the applicator bottle gently a few inches from your root area until a very small puff of powder comes out.

2. Repeat Step 1 about an inch above and back from your ears, just above your parietal ridge (top back of your head), and as needed along your part and hairline.

3. Wait about a minute and then work through with your fingers or a brush.

It can take a few tries before you learn how much to use for your needs. Begin with a ‘less is more’ approach – a little goes a long way!

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West Coast Best Coast

Ok, so we know we shouldn’t complain about this so-called summer after the water restrictions, smoke and general lack of greenery last year, but… what is up with the rain? Aren’t we as Vancouverites, so patient for eight to ten months of the year, entitled to a nice summer? Don’t we deserve a bit of sunshine to enjoy our beaches, bike routes, boats and mountains? I suppose not. We are so lucky to call this beautiful natural environment home, that I guess we can handle the necessary rain that comes along with it.

So while this unseasonable weather keeps us humble in that respect, we are free to indulge ourselves with the little things we can control, like our hair. Since more moisture in the air gives us more texture to work with, we’re golden because these days, the bigger and beachier, the better! Hair should look like hair. Embrace your frizz and wonky wave. Try washing your hair at night and braiding it back to dry and unify the curls. Break them up the next day and add a little salt spray for some grit. For limper hair, use a lightweight volumizing product while your hair is still wet to create a base. If you need a little help taming your locks, don’t be afraid to use a curling wand or flat iron to add a wave here or there. Don’t sweat it if that curl is slightly better on one side, or if you were trained to believe frizz is the enemy. Just remember that the best way to look effortless is to actually put in minimal effort, and luckily the West Coast is already doing most of the work.


Perfectly imperfect.


If your hair frizzes more than most, load in lightweight products to give it that carefree look that feels cleaner than three days in the sun and sand. Some goodies are Kevin Murphy’s Easy Rider and Intelligent Nutrients’ Wave Spray.


To help out fine hair, spritz in some Thickening Spray by Aveda, or Kevin Murphy’s Anti Gravity, blow dry upside down to get 70% of the moisture out and then braid your ends for a bit of wave. When hair is dry throw in some volumizing powder or dry shampoo at the root for added lift.


Check out this Kevin Murphy tutorial from a Marie Claire shoot for hair that requires a little extra effort.

(Photos 1,2,4 from our beach shoot last summer)

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