September 2016

New Product Alert!


We are in love with Aveda’s new split end repair! The consistency is somewhere between a cream and a serum, but it’s super duper lightweight. Apply it to the ends of dry hair in need of some love and you’ll notice an improvement instantly. (The full-size tube is also small enough to take in your hand luggage when flying, which is always handy for those who like to travel light. Someone we know just went to Italy with just this and some Shampure dry shampoo in tow to keep her mane in check, and it was a resounding success.)

More information here, and drop by the salon to try it out or pick one up!

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Autumn Update (and some love)

It’s been a busy fall already at Trim, with people coming and going on holidays, some new faces, and some familiar ones leaving us. Our dear Abby* is moving away at the end of the month, but as a parting gift, got us set up with a brand new (much more efficient) scheduling software. As such, we will very soon be able to offer you online booking, and help out our amazing front line team as they keep our little salon running smoothly. We’ve also opened up on Sundays again! It’s by appointment only, so give us a call if you’d like to take advantage of the peaceful Sunday salon vibes.

Keep an eye on the blog and our Facebook page for a little intro to our new stylist Jillian, and new front line member Jess. It already feels like they’ve been with us forever, which is always a nice way to start.

Amidst the changes and craziness, with Thanksgiving just around the corner (already!?), we wanted to reach out to our wonderful guests to say a big, huge THANK YOU. We are so grateful that you continue to support us, and keep the shop buzzing with your awesome energy and beautiful hair. It’s a pleasure to come to work every day because of you 🙂


*pun intended

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Product of the Month

Staying.Alive Leave-in Conditioner


Not only does Staying Alive help strengthen your hair and stimulate growth, this leave-in conditioner is incredibly light in both weight and scent.

With ingredients like honey, ivy and coconut extract softening and moisturizing hair from root to end, your strands will shine once again. Also infused with thermal protection, this one’s a winner for those of us who like to keep it to just one product. And, as an added bonus, burdock root and grapefruit extract are working together behind the scenes to keep your scalp healthy and happy, and promote hair growth.

Staying Alive stays true to Kevin Murphy’s “skincare for your hair” credo, keeping things lightweight and simple. Definitely a fav here at Trim.

How To Use

1. Spray on wet hair, making sure to get each quadrant of your head.

2. Wait a few seconds and comb through with a medium- to wide-tooth comb.

3. Style as desired.

Watch this tutorial for a big blow dry using Staying Alive as well as Anti Gravity volumizer.

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