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We’re in Vancouver Magazine!

Last week our little family-run, neighbourhood salon was so proud to be featured in Vancouver Magazine alongside two of Vancouver’s largest, most high-profile salon chains. We helped give insight into what’s going on with hair this season, with our one and only Ms. Sarah as our gorgeous model.

Check out the article here or below for hair trends right now, and to see us in print 🙂


Vanmag.com – Top 3 Fall Hair Trends To Try

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Our VIFF List


Each year the Vancouver International Film Festival takes over our city’s theatres for a few weeks. And each year it doesn’t disappoint in giving us a smorgasbord of beautiful, often wrenching films to enrich our minds and enliven our senses.

Here are a few on our must-see list.

freightenedtherealpriceofshippingFreightened: The Real Price of Shipping

84 min.

With our local waters dotted with tankers year-round, this documentary should be on every Vancouverite’s list. A look at the shipping industry and what it’s doing to our planet, this film exposes the lack of regulations that exist on the open ocean, and why it’s so important to think globally and buy locally. Tickets here

Next (and last) showing October 12 @ 6:30 pm. The Cinematheque


76 min.

Bringing attention to an art form that is rarely even considered one, this film shines a spotlight on women whose medium is, of course, yarn. From wool graffiti to floating textile cities in Japan, this doc shows the technique and talent necessary behind weaving. It’s sure to be a stunning, colourful look at a kind of modern art rooted in a centuries-old, largely female-dominated craft. Tickets here

Next showing October 2 @ 8:45 pm. SFU Goldcorp (Woodward’s)

hellodestroyerHello Destroyer

110 min.

In his first full-length feature film, Vancouver native Kevan Funk has written and directed what looks to be both a poignant look at the dysfunctional nature of institutionalized sports, and the all-too familiar story of one of their casualties. Anyone living in or from a small town where hockey is often king should check this one out. Tickets here

Next (and last) showing October 6 @ 3:45 pm. International Village

marryingthefamilyMarrying the Family

86 min.

In our business we tend to hear an awful lot about weddings. We can say with authority that what should be a celebration of love with family and friends often turns into an expensive marathon of keeping all parties involved appeased. This funny story of a bride-to-be and her quirky family looks like something anyone who has been part of a wedding can relate to. Tickets here

Next showing October 2 @ 6:00 pm. Rio Theatre

livingwithgiantsLiving With Giants

79 min.

Living With Giants is a portrait of a young Inuk, Paulusie, in a changing Arctic landscape. Devoid of agenda, and balancing between Paulusie’s own life and the social issues in his community, this documentary offers a comprehensive look at life for Native youth in the North. Tickets here

Next showing October 3 @ 10:45 am. International Village

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The 90’s are Back…and we’re kind of okay with it.

If you told anyone who grew up in the 90’s that the 90’s were coming back in style, they’d probably run screaming and have nightmares of JNCO jeans and hair gel. And although we hope that certain 90’s trends never resurface, there are a few that are coming back, and we’ll allow it.

When you think 90’s, you think hair. BIG hair. Like Cindy Crawford in a Pepsi ad, big.


Granted, it’s been toned down slightly – but there’s been a resurgence of this big, larger than life voluminous hair. Lots of hairspray and hot rollers will get you this look.

POISON IVY, Drew Barrymore, 1992, (c) New Line



newbig1 newbig2

Another thing that we’ve been seeing lot’s of lately is pastel coloured hair. This was huge in the 90’s, when iconic supermodels like Kate Moss and actresses like Drew Barrymore (who is by the way, 90’s fashion royalty) started dying their hair various shades of pink.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 1.28.01 PM

oldpink1 oldpink2

In 2016, we see softer, more natural versions of this but still just as stunning.


newpink3 newpink1

Finally, something that a lot of you thought was left behind for good in the bad-hair archives: mini buns! Gwen Stefani, Cameron Diaz, Bjork; all rocked the mini buns. And yes, they’re back!


774d82b23f0a82bf802d603c7ba90881 55cf7baa5f7b3a20b7f16c4d612a96a4

Whether you love these or hate these, you have to admit they’re pretty darn cute.


Hair-Bun-5 74a247ee87dfe603b598c35c36de7e38

So take a deep breath, it’s not that bad! The 90’s seemed to have creeped back into our lives, but if this is the worst of it, we’re totally fine with that.

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Meet & Greet with Our Newest Stylist Anna

We’re so happy to welcome Anna to the team at TRiM! We asked her a few questions to get to know her better.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 8.41.07 PM

1. What drew you to the industry and how did you get started?

Growing up in a small town, I loved playing with my cousins’ hair and convincing friends and family to style or cut their hair. From doing fun photo shoots with friends to styling hair for school dances, it always came so naturally and I realized this was what I wanted to do. At the age of 16 I worked at a local salon for school credits; even though it was mostly sweeping hair, answering phones and shampooing, I loved being in a creative atmosphere. At school I loved writing, art and anything where I could be creative. After graduating high school and receiving credits through the salon, I decided to head to Marvel College in Edmonton. I knew I was in the right place – getting those fresh mannequin heads to play with was the best. We had a lot of colour and cutting competitions within the school, and when I won the first one I entered I was thrilled! Luckily I was able to continue working at the same salon where I’d built myself a clientele. It was so cool to have friends and family visit for haircuts and colours, and meeting new people all the time keeps it interesting. To do what I love hardly feels like work – it’s the coolest thing ever.

2. How long have you been at TRiM?

I’ve only been at TRiM for a couple of weeks and I am so thrilled about it. Also they have an amazing team – very talented and warm – welcoming me into my new hair home. I feel very lucky to be part of the TRiM family. I also love the Main Street vibe. I’ve always wanted to work with Aveda so I’m pretty excited to play with the colour and products. I also love that TRiM is a Green Circle salon; they recycle everything, which is very important to me, and responsibly dispose of any unused colour. They also keep up with their education, and have regular cutting/colouring classes and fun photo shoots to stay on top of the latest trends and techniques!

3. What is your go-to day-to-day hairstyle?

Hmm… Well as much as I like to perfect my clients’ hair, I’m not one to spend a lot of time on my own. I prefer to keep my hair shorter to bring out the curl, and because it’s also fine it gives the illusion of thicker hair. I also don’t use a lot of products; I don’t own hairspray and like to keep it simple, using light products such as the Intelligent Nutrients leave-in conditioner (that I’ve fallen in LOVE with – my dream product!). I don’t like to wash my hair much either because naturally curly hair tends to be dry. I’ll use dry shampoo sometimes to get me through an extra day four or five! I find I get more compliments the dirtier it is.

4. Who have been your greatest personal hair inspirations throughout the years?

Growing up in the 90s and early 2000s Rachel’s layered cut on Friends was a favourite, and I always Gwen Stefani’s changing looks and fun colours. I loved when guests would come in wanting a few different colours like red with brown or some blonde peek-a-boos. I look back at the stripe look though and I didn’t love that. I’m happy we’ve evolved from using the hair straightener so much too. I much prefer softer, natural looks, but I do like to have some fun. For many years I was platinum blonde and had a few bright pink pieces. As soon as I could colour my hair I was always changing it and spontaneously going from hairdresser to hairdresser. I’ve been many colours but always eventually revert back to being natural as I’d call myself a bit of a hippie at heart – pretty down to earth. Bohemian beachy looks are my current fave, soft and natural. The West Coast suits me best.

5. Name three of your top products and why?

My newest favourite as mentioned above is the Intelligent Nutrients leave-in conditioner: it’s so light and has almost a gel-like consistency. 100% non-toxic and plant-based, it nourishes and protects the scalp with oils like grapeseed, grapefruit and pumpkin, and cardamon, marjoram, thyme, rosemary, lavender – the list of superior ingredients goes on. Safe for us and the earth. Once you try it you’ll be hooked! It’s free of parabens, silicones and great to use on colour-treated hair. It’s definitely my new go-to product. Love! 

Motion Lotion by Kevin Murphy is another of my favourites for curly hair. It’s got a hint of patchouli, which I love, and is very conditioning, packed with beautiful essential oils. 

Lastly, it’s a tie between the Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair with quinoa protein, and the Intelligent Nutrients Pure Luxe shampoo free of sulphates, parabens, silicones, wax, phthalates and synthetic fragrances. Both are highly concentrated with organic essential oils like pumpkin seed oil, raspberry oil and sesame oil that leave your hair feeling better that it’s ever felt. These products not only smell awesome but leave your hair so shiny and nourished, full of antioxidants that revive the hair to keep it looking and feeling its best.

6.What is your number one hair care tip?

Don’t wash your hair every day, and don’t use drug store shampoos. They build up a waxy film on your hair, and leave it frizzy and weighed down. It’s a good investment buying proper shampoo and conditioner that doesn’t have sulphates that will strip your hair. If you pay to have a colour at the salon and go home and use Pantene it will strip away the colour and leave it looking hollow. Plus salon products are very concentrated so you only need a little bit. It will go a long way. Less is more, and imperfect hair is better! Work with what you’ve got. Hair really has a mind of its own so don’t fight it! Experiment with using a curling iron or a wand to enhance your natural texture. I love curly hair!

7. What’s your favourite era for hair?

I love the flowing waves and shag cuts from the 70s like Farrah Fawcett and Sophia Loren’s. I loved the flirty feathery looks that were still very natural looking, a lot like the looks that are back in style now. Like the sun-bleached highlights of Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon, I love the natural looking blondes you can achieve with a balayage technique. That hair that you had when you were five!

8. What is the most requested hair style at the salon?

At the moment it’s a lot of hairstyles I love. I’m really loving the balayage technique: it’s a very creative way of painting the hair to get an effect that looks very natural, and it’s less maintenance for the grow out. I love adding extra lighter pieces around the face and crown, where the sun would naturally highlight your hair. Painting on some lighter pieces either with foils or balayage adds a dimensional look to the hair, giving it more depth. Sometimes less is more with colour.

A huge thank you to Anna for taking the time to let us get to know her better. Be sure to come by the salon to meet her and the rest of our amazing team!

Here are the links to all of the awesome products Anna loves:

Intelligent Nutrients Leave-In Conditioner

Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion

Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair

Intelligent Nutrients Pure Luxe

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Oscar Night

By Jocelyn

Ah, the Oscars. It might be my favourite night of the year. The movies, the music, the spectacular gowns and jewels, Leo, Bradley and Jared all in one place – what’s not to love? Aside from Matthew McConaughey winning an oscar before Leo, but I digress.

Now we all know that one of the best parts of award shows are the red carpet arrivals, and that the best and worst dressed awards issued by tabloids the following day are often talked about more than the actual statues bestowed the night before. Unfortunately, some of us (me) made the mistake of watching the E! network’s red carpet coverage, and it seems Ryan Seacrest totally dropped the ball. We missed almost everyone before finally changing the channel, so here are a few observations on what I did manage to see of the hair, makeup and fashion from last night.

Trim Hair Salon - Oscar Night

First and foremost, can we all take a moment to appreciate Jared Leto’s amazing ombre? The tones are perfect, and that long flowing hair he clearly got from his mom and his healthy lifestyle (the real-life Jordan Catalano has been vegan for years) makes his pretty face that much prettier. I also loved his cream and white suit. Seacrest also rocked the cream and white, but apparently didn’t feel the need to get a haircut for the evening.

Like the rest of North America, I love me some Jennifer Lawrence. However, I have not been loving her short hair lately. I don’t like the way they’ve been styling it ala Kate Gosselin, but last night it looked amazing, all swept back from her face; very vintage-glam and soft.

Trim Hair Salon - Oscar Night










Generally speaking, softer, looser hair and simple makeup tend to look better with the uber-formal attire worn to events like this, and Cate Blanchette and Julia Roberts did it perfectly. I wasn’t a huge fan of either of their dresses, but the hair and dewy makeup were perfection. Missing that memo were Amy Adams, who looked like she did her hair herself, and Sandra Bullock, who badly needed her curls brushed out. Loved her dress though.

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis have to be the most beautiful couple. His hair. It was the first thing I noticed when they came on screen, which is saying a lot considering what both of their faces look like. Perfect length, perfect style. And Olivia’s colour and messy updo superbly offset her dramatic black gown.

Finally, Lupita Nyong’o. She’s looked stunning on every red carpet this season, but she could wear a paper bag and still look flawless. I loved her dress (who didn’t?) and the thin headband she wore last night though. It was very halo-esque and she looked angelic.

And for what it’s worth…

Best Dressed – Lupita Nyong’o

Worst Dressed – Portia De Rossi

Best Hair –  Jennifer Lawrence, Jason Sudeikis

Worst Hair – Amy Adams

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