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Healthy Hair Tips: 14 Ways To Get Healthy Natural Hair

Summer can be really rough on your hair. From swimming, sun damage, going out all the time and styling your hair with hot tools and loading on the products so we don’t frizz out, etc. We all want healthier hair yet we continue to make choices that effect our hair in a negative way. Maybe you’re damaging your hair directly by bleaching it constantly or maybe your hair is indirectly effected by a lack of vitamins in your diet – regardless what the cause, we have a solution! Here are 14 ways to achieve healthy hair.

1. Drugstore shampoo is destroying your hair! Opt for something sulphate and paraben free like the LOMA Moisturizing Shampoo.

Drug store products often contain sulphates and parabens which are harmful to your hair. The entire LOMA line is sulphate and paraben free, organic, gluten and cruelty free. It’s available here at TRiM Hair Salon and retails for $28 as a set with conditioner. Our customers love this Shampoo and conditioner.

My friend brought me a small sample when I was in the hospital. I was allergic to the hypoallergenic soap at the hospital so I used the shampoo for body wash and shampoo. It has a clean fresh smell I am very sensitive to smells and will go into a anaphylactic allergic reaction to scents. This is one of the very few shampoos that I can use. Very gentle on scalp and hair. I can’t say enough good things about it. My friend who gave this to me uses only natural products, so I know its gentle and natural. The other advantage is that it last forever.” –Carol

2. Don’t wash your hair every single day. 2-3 times a week should be enough and eventually your scalp will regulate itself to not over-produce oils.

PLEASE! For the love of hair, stop washing it every day. If you cant stand your bedhead or “leftover” style from the day before, simply run your hair brush under water and brush out any kinks an cowlicks.

3. Washing Your Hair In Cold Water For Healthier Hair.  It might take getting used to but cold water adds shine, saves hair colour from fading and seals the cuticle for smoother hair!

Maybe this will help encourage you not to wash your hair every day!

4. Avoid breakage and painful brushing by brushing wet hair with a Wet Brush.

Promising review – “Bought this brush after it was recommended to me in the summer. I used it for the first time last night and it was AMAZING. My hair gets very tangled when it is wet and lately I have had a very difficult and painful time brushing it out. This brush does still tug a bit through the knots and tangles, but it is essentially pain free. It was still the easiest I’ve brushed through my hair in a very long time. I did pair it with the Mane ‘n Tail detangler so it could have been a combination but either way I would highly recommend this brush!” –Jessica

5. Use a detox / clarifying shampoo once a week to get rid of hair buildup from the daily elements, environmental factors and product build-up.

We recommend Aveda’s Rosemary Mint clarifying shampoo. Use this shampoo once a week to rid your scalp of buildup and excess oils. Added bonus – the invigorating mint smells amazing and leaves your scalp almost tingling and feeling really cleansed.

Retails for $17.50 at TRiM Hair Salon.

6. Trimming your hair will help your hair grow faster. Be regular with your trims to remove any dead or damaged ends.

It is important for the health of your hair that you have it trimmed at least every three months. If you are someone who colours or bleaches your hair then you should be coming for trims every 12-16 weeks (3-4 months). Here at TRiM Hair Salon the cost of a hair cut ranges from $55 to $80 based on the stylist you book with.

7. Use a hair mask once a week to restore moisture and repair split ends.

The Dry Remedy Moisturizing Mask helps to seal in moisture and restore shine and smoothness to dried out hair. Since this is only meant to be used once a week, its good to combine it with the cleansing shampoo because that can tend to make your hair feel dry. Try out the Aveda Dry Remedy Masque ($45) available at TRiM Hair Salon. Apply after shampoo, leave on for 10-20 minutes, rinse out.

8. Protect your hair after coloring with a bond builder.

Olaplex is a three step process that has 2 parts in salon, and 1 take home treatment available at TRiM Hair Salon ($60). The treatment consists of a bond multiplier, bond perfector and a hair perfector. “Our simple three-step process includes a patented active ingredient that works on a molecular level to seek out broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage. You can use Olaplex to restore compromised hair, or add it to another service to provide the ultimate breakage insurance.” -Olaplex

9. Air dry your hair to achieve stronger hair and prevent dryness.

This is a no brainer, everyone knows with hair that heat = damage. Let the air do the drying! Spray leave-in conditioner mid-shaft to ends of hair. Also save time getting ready in the morning. If you don’t have time or cant go to work with wet hair, simply throw it in a braid or bun. You can take your hair out later for natural waves or curls once dried! GS

10. Give your hair a break from hot styling tools to avoid split ends.

Excessive heat damages and destroys hair over time. Using styling tools like flatirons and curling irons daily will cause the hair cuticle to become dry and rigid and in turn break off into split-ends! There are lots of products out there to help styling without heat and letting your natural hair shine!

11. If you absolutely must use hot styling hair tools, ditch the chemical heavy products for a heat protector.

The Kevin Murphy Staying.Alive leave-in treatment spray is a multipurpose product that not only provides thermal protection but also nourishes the hair with rose-hip and olive leaf oil and smooths out frizz. How to use: Spray evenly onto towel dry hair, wait 5-10 seconds and brush through.


12. Up your Vitamin intake for healthy hair. Healthy inside = healthy outside! Most of us are lacking in some type of vitamins or minerals.

Up your Vitamin A and B intake to help with hair and nail growth. Collagen supplements are also a great addition to your regimen, not only helping with hair growth but with skin and joints as well.

TruMarine Collagen from WithinUs is a great option ($64.95)

13. Summer is just around the corner which means it is time to protect your hair from the sun and chlorine. All you beach babes need to protect against sun damage AND protect your colour from fading.

The Soleil Masque UV Defense Active by Kerastase ($65), is THE most raved about sun treatment. It’s literally a UV filter for your hair, coats the strand of hair so repel water and strengthens the hair to help with breakage and prevent damage.

14. Prevent your hair from ripping by avoiding traditional hair elastics. If you’re someone who wears their hair up, try using an Invisibobble or an old school scrunchie.

These elastics are much more gentle than traditional elastics, don’t rip out hair when removed and won’t leave a kink in your hair. Invisibobble retails for $10 for a pack of 3 at Sephora.

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Tutorial: How To Fish Tail Braid

This style is actually WAY easier than you probably think. If you know how to french braid then you’ll catch on quick. Check out the photos and description below to learn how to do this style yourself at home in minutes.

Step 1: Tie hair up into a pony tail.

Step 2: Take a small section from the pony tail and wrap around your hair elastic to hide it, secure with a bobby pin.

Step 3: Section pony tail into two equal halves.

Step 4: Take a small section from underneath the left side and carry it over that section and add it to the right section. Keep this weaving going, alternating on each side.

Step 5: Continue weave until you reached the bottom of the pony tail.

Step 6: Loosen the braid and make it appear thicker by pulling the hair out, beginning at the top of the pony tail and working downward.

Step 7: Secure the braid with a small clear elastic, et voila! You are done.


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Tutorial: Next Day Hair – Boho Pull Apart Braid Crown

For those of us with more than 5 hairs on our head, washing our hair daily can be a bit much not to mention its not even good for your hair or scalp. So what are some ways to extend the life of your shampoo? STYLING. Styling second (or third…or fourth) day hair is actually easier than the first day! Although you might wake up with some awful bed head and have to work to tame those cowlicks, the natural oils released from your scalp and life in general creates more texture, grit and life in your hair come day two.

A lot of the boho inspired hair styles are much easier to attain when the hair isn’t super slippery (AKA has some texture!). A few products are necessary to rework your locks into the boho beauty look that is SO EASY when your hair isn’t super clean. They can also be used to create texture in freshly washed hair! Here is a great example of a second day hair style! Boho pull-apart braid crown. Here’s what you’ll need:

Here are your fav new styling products!

  1. Aveda Texture Tonic is like a salt spray but better! Mist hair lightly all over and scrunch for some wave and texture or apply on wet hair after shower and air dry.
  2. Aveda Shampure DryShampoo is a powder dry shampoo that works insanely well to absorb excess oils – so that your hair looks like you washed it. Sprinkle it in your part and at the root to get rid of grease before you start styling. Added bonus – it creates amazing volume at the roots!
  3. Kevin Murphy Bedroom.Hair is the finishing touch to this beachy style. Mist hair all over to add shine and flexible hold to your style.

Okay, so now that you’ve got the products deets, lets get to the actualy style.

  1. Section hair from each side of your part to your ears using your fingertips
  2. Begin a reverse french braid (dutch braid) from your hairline outward
  3. Once you’ve gathered enough hair, detach and continue as a normal braid

4. Repeat on the other side for two braids

5. Pull and stretch the hair out from the braid to add thickness

6. Using a bobby pin, clip the braid in place around the back of your hair

7. Wrap the other braid around and secure using more bobby pins. Tuck the bottom of braid underneath hair. Spray with Bedroom.Hair!




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So You Want Some Balayage?

These days its pretty rare to run into a client that hasn’t heard of the term Balayage, but does everyone really know what it means?


What is Balayage?




1. a technique for highlighting the hair in which the dye is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect.

Balayage is a technique that’s been around for a while but has been gaining more popularity over the past few years. The term actually comes from the french and refers to “sweeping” which lends itself well to the natural, hand painted, sun-kissed affect achieved with balayage. Today we’re going to give you the low down on balayage and why we love it at TRiM!


There are so many reasons to love it… Firstly, this technique allows your colour to grow  WITHOUT ROOTS! Imagine that?! That means that Balayage is perfect for people who are busy (who isn’t?), people who are nervous to commit to a big change, people on a budget, and people with damaged hair. Each highlight is hand painted and specifically tailored to each individual’s hair type, length and face shape. How does it differ from traditional highlights you ask? They aren’t brought up all the way to your scalp. Bleach is only applied from the mid-shaft to ends and blended seamlessly throughout the hair, whereas traditional highlights are methodically placed like a pattern on the scalp. This seamless blend allows for you to go longer in between hair colour appointments which in turn saves money, time and less damage on your precious locks.
Win! Win! Win!


These days our eyes are bombarded with millions of photos of #hairgoals on Instagram and other social media platforms. Sometimes its tricky to decipher what’s real and what’s been filtered or  photo-shopped. Thus we have…UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS *tears* So here’s the deal. Balayage is meant to be subtle and natural looking. Women who have a very noticeable bright Balayage have probably been to a salon 2-3 times for the same treatment. Check out the photo from Guy Tang visually describing the difference after 1st, 2nd and 3rd sessions.
Often clients have unrealistic goals for their first appointment and think that what they see online is what they’ll get, right here right now! What people don’t see online is the hours and hours of work that goes into these looks and that to achieve the bright, noticeable Balayage that everyone wants takes a full day of work with just one client or 2-3 appointments split apart over a few months. The good news is that once you’re there,  you’re there! Minimal upkeep, no roots, natural looking gorgeous healthy hair.
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Let Your Silver Shine!


There comes a point in everyone’s life when the grey hairs begin to pop up here and there. What’s your first instinct? If its “OMG! I need my roots done!”, you’re not alone! We totally get it. Here at TRiM we work really hard to provide our guests with solid grey coverage that lasts. We all know that as we age, the amount of grey or white hair that appear starts to increase over time making those roots appear to grow in hot and heavy. No one wants the “skunk” look or reverse ombre you probably know what I’m talking about. Maybe you used to come in every 8 weeks for colour and now it seems like you cant even get away with 6 weeks.. What is the solution you ask? LET IT GO! (When you are ready of course) Embrace your silver and let it shine through ladies! (and gents).




We envy the hair of celebrities like Diane Keaton, Helen Mirren and who could forget Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada – if they can do it you can to! Same for the men out there. Check out George Clooney’s coif, he’s a silver fox!



Obviously the journey to perfect silver hair is a bit of process and can only be fully achieved naturally when your body stops producing hair with pigment.




The process of growing out your natural grey begins with highlights, patience, and more highlights. Start the transition early for a more seamless “in between” stage but we can help you out at any stage in the game. Highlights help by breaking up the line of re growth and blending in the grey hair with light blonde and the natural hair colour. Our stylist Jarred (Catch him on #instagram @hair_x_greff)  has repeated the process a few times on his client Beth. Her grey’s are completely camouflaged in with the rest of her hair and it looks so natural! She won’t have a stark root grow in and Beth definitely doesn’t need to come in every 6 weeks for a touch up.


Grey blending by Jarred

To help maintain and refresh the silver in between appointments, Jarred recommends using a purple shampoo or conditioner such as Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Shampoo ($36) and treatment ($46) or Aveda Blue Malva Conditioner ($36). Both are available in store!

Contact us today to book your consultation and discuss letting your silver shine! Or better yet, book in for highlights if you’re ready to break up your roots and go natural!

Call us at 604-876-2118 or email for inquiries.

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Let’s get through the winter blues

My Hair I mean, Get my Hair through the winter blues…

It’s true, we all feel Blah by this mid-winter, grey, damp time of year. Vancouver can be especially harsh on those of us that crave sun.

But what about our hair, our skin? They feel it too! So, what can we do to support our outer selves while we wait for the Sun to grace us again? Let’s go over some quick tips to stay on top of it.

Well first and foremost GET THAT VITAMIN D PEOPLE! Go talk to your local Natural Food Store, Pharmacy, Or Even Doctor… It’s a real thing.

Second…DO NOT skip a winter haircut. It is necessary to keep on top of our locks all year round, you know what…it’s going to do more then make your hair feel great, you will feel great too!

Lastly…get the right products in your tresses. To compliment the damp, Winter air we need two things; Hydration and Anti Humidity Protection.

Ladies!!! We have you covered! The Aveda Smooth Infusion Shampoo, Conditioner, and Style Prep Smoothing Fluid are sure to keep your fly-a-ways in check. Our Loma Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner comes in a duo pack that not only quenches your hair but is super affordable coming in at only $28.50 for BOTH 355 ml bottles. That’s killer good for your hair and your pocket book.

But let’s face it nothings going to make us feel quite like spring… Which is just around the corner! In the meantime, come see us at TRiM ! #trimhairsalon #VancouverBC #VancouverHairStylist #haircut #AVEDA #LOMA

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We’re in Vancouver Magazine!

Last week our little family-run, neighbourhood salon was so proud to be featured in Vancouver Magazine alongside two of Vancouver’s largest, most high-profile salon chains. We helped give insight into what’s going on with hair this season, with our one and only Ms. Sarah as our gorgeous model.

Check out the article here or below for hair trends right now, and to see us in print 🙂

sarah-img_0571 – Top 3 Fall Hair Trends To Try

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Bangs! Part Deux

Here is our step-by-step, foolproof, piece of cake guide to blowdrying your bangs.

1. When blowdrying your hair, always begin with your bangs.

2. Position blowdryer a few inches above the centre of your forehead, pointing directly down.

3. Switch your blowdryer to high heat and high speed.

4a. Straight Across Fringe Keep blowdryer stationary, and using a paddle brush (Aveda’s is our personal favourite), brush back and forth across your forehead until bangs are completely dry.

4b. Side Sweep Fringe Keep blowdryer stationary, and using a paddle brush (Aveda’s is our personal favourite), brush in the opposite direction of your side sweep until bangs are completely dry.

5. Switch blowdryer to cool air, and continue brushing back and forth to set.

6. Style bangs as desired.

It is ideal for every single style of bang. You’re welcome.


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Quickfire Q&A: Jillian

Meet Jillian! Our newest team member has been living and working in Calgary the past 3 years, and she’s thrilled to be back on the West Coast. She’s funny, positive and professional, and such a great addition to our little family. You can read her full background and bio here, but to get to know her a little better we did a quick little q&a between clients.


So we know you’re new to the city; what’s your favourite thing about Vancouver?
Oh, the rain. Haha, no, living so close to the water.

Favourite shop on Main?
Front & Company

Favourite movie?
True Romance

Current musical obsession?
I don’t want to sound too basic, but Beyoncé’s Lemonade album.

Favourite go-to hair product?
Aveda Air Control

Food you cannot live without?
Sushi. Actually, pizza.

Why hair?
I was cutting my Barbie’s hair when I was 8 years old, and it’s always been something I’ve loved.

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Our VIFF List


Each year the Vancouver International Film Festival takes over our city’s theatres for a few weeks. And each year it doesn’t disappoint in giving us a smorgasbord of beautiful, often wrenching films to enrich our minds and enliven our senses.

Here are a few on our must-see list.

freightenedtherealpriceofshippingFreightened: The Real Price of Shipping

84 min.

With our local waters dotted with tankers year-round, this documentary should be on every Vancouverite’s list. A look at the shipping industry and what it’s doing to our planet, this film exposes the lack of regulations that exist on the open ocean, and why it’s so important to think globally and buy locally. Tickets here

Next (and last) showing October 12 @ 6:30 pm. The Cinematheque


76 min.

Bringing attention to an art form that is rarely even considered one, this film shines a spotlight on women whose medium is, of course, yarn. From wool graffiti to floating textile cities in Japan, this doc shows the technique and talent necessary behind weaving. It’s sure to be a stunning, colourful look at a kind of modern art rooted in a centuries-old, largely female-dominated craft. Tickets here

Next showing October 2 @ 8:45 pm. SFU Goldcorp (Woodward’s)

hellodestroyerHello Destroyer

110 min.

In his first full-length feature film, Vancouver native Kevan Funk has written and directed what looks to be both a poignant look at the dysfunctional nature of institutionalized sports, and the all-too familiar story of one of their casualties. Anyone living in or from a small town where hockey is often king should check this one out. Tickets here

Next (and last) showing October 6 @ 3:45 pm. International Village

marryingthefamilyMarrying the Family

86 min.

In our business we tend to hear an awful lot about weddings. We can say with authority that what should be a celebration of love with family and friends often turns into an expensive marathon of keeping all parties involved appeased. This funny story of a bride-to-be and her quirky family looks like something anyone who has been part of a wedding can relate to. Tickets here

Next showing October 2 @ 6:00 pm. Rio Theatre

livingwithgiantsLiving With Giants

79 min.

Living With Giants is a portrait of a young Inuk, Paulusie, in a changing Arctic landscape. Devoid of agenda, and balancing between Paulusie’s own life and the social issues in his community, this documentary offers a comprehensive look at life for Native youth in the North. Tickets here

Next showing October 3 @ 10:45 am. International Village

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