The Power of Organic Hair Colour

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By Bridgette. Stylist at Trim Hair Salon.

Trim Hair Salon - Bridgette

Introducing: Natulique certified organic, ammonia free hair colour now available at TRiM!

Many guests come to the salon and tell us about the sensitivities or reactions they have to different products. Something we have been encountering as stylists is a gradual increase in scalp sensitivities and even migraines & nausea after a colour service. We even experience symptoms like sore throats after a long day.

But why is this happening now? Have you always had this, never said anything about it, or just thought it was a part of being a woman. After all beauty is pain, RIGHT!?  WRONG!!!

Research has shown that throughout life, toxins in our bodies build up and at a certain point the body has a negative reaction and says ENOUGH! It fights back, and screams do not do this to me again.

One of the biggest culprits is a necessary evil for those of us who are not satisfied with being Grey, or just Blah. Not that Natural is blah, but some of us need a push to be vibrant, and so we colour our hair.

One toxin found in haircolour is called PPD and sometimes it causes Migraines, Nausea, a total feeling of being unwell, and at the very least scalp soreness, redness, and sometimes lesions. Today as I sit and write this educational (or so I hope) blog, one of my dear clients is being cared for by a coworker, and we are happy to end her pain, her nausea, migraines, and scalp lesions! Because today we use Natulique Colour on her.

We are so happy to introduce a safer alternative for coloring hair. It’s Not JUST Naturally Derived, it is full of Certified Organic Ingredients, it is totally AMMONIA FREE, 11 of its shades are free from PPD and or Resorcinol and it has no odor or caustic fumes.

Because most of us cannot actually say Paraphenylendiamine, we call it PPD, it is a colorless substance that when oxidized gives a natural looking pigment to hair, AND is found in Gasoline, Grease, Photocopying and Printing ink, and worst of all, Tires…yup Tires…and we put it on our scalps and let it soak into our skin.

Much like Ammonia, a colorless gas with a pungent smell. Ammonia is caustic and hazardous. Approximately 83% of Ammonia is used in Fertilizers, and is a common Household Cleaner. Why are we putting this on our scalp?

Here at trim we take our careers seriously. We love our clients and want to keep doing our job for years to come, so for the sake of you and I we decided to offer a cleaner and healthier option.

Why Natulique?


 Visit and for more information.

If your health and the environment is important to you, then the choice is Natulique.

It is the only Certified Organic Hair Colour Line exclusively for professionals.

Made of Gentle Organic Extracts and Oils, free of Parabens, Artificial Colors, and Perfumes.

And Best of all the lowest amount of PPD at 0.025% or 0


Hair by TRiM stylists Jocelyn and Bridgette. Makeup by Marie Pearce.

We are excited to be able to accommodate guests with even the most sensitive of scalps: as always we look forward to welcoming you at TRiM

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For the Girls with “In-Between” Hair

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By Jocelyn

Trim Hair Salon - Jocelyn


One of the most common things I hear when a new guest sits in my chair is, “My hair is somewhere between curly and straight. I’d wear it curly but it looks frizzy and messy, so I straighten it.”

“Every day?” I ask, their parched, fragile strands already answering my question.


My follow-up is almost always, “Do you use a heat protectant?”, to which the reply is also almost always a sheepish smile and an “I know I should, but…”

I was one of these girls. I went from having poker straight hair to a sort of wavy, frizzy mess in my late teens. I didn’t know how to work with my new texture, so I dealt with it by frying my hair with a flat iron every day until I had to cut it into a pixie cut because it was simply too far gone. Not to disparage the pixie cut, but it’s not for everyone, and just because you might have “in-between” hair, doesn’t mean it can’t be long, healthy and not held hostage by a straightener.

Taming Your Mane

Product is your friend. I don’t say this to up our retail sales, I say it because it is a fact. Learning the right product or products to use for your hair type will mean less time spent washing, drying, styling and lamenting your hair. Many people believe their hair can’t handle product because it weighs it down, makes it greasy or they simply don’t like the way it feels. This will indeed be the case if you’re using either low-quality goo from the drugstore, or even high-quality goo from the salon if it’s not right for your hair.

At TRiM we carry both Kevin Murphy and Aveda. Each of these product lines has some great options if you want to either work with and enhance the wave in your hair, or smooth it out, sans straightener. Come in for a service and let us see and feel your hair, and teach you how to properly use the products we think you’ll benefit from. 

To enhance wave or curl in finer textures of hair, a few of my favourites are Kevin Murphy’s Motion Lotion and Aveda’s Be Curly Style-Prep. Both fight frizz while enhancing curl, are extremely lightweight, and do not leave hair feeling crunchy. For coarser textures of hair, Aveda’s Be Curly Curl Enhancer is awesome, particularly when worked in conjunction with the Style-Prep

To smooth out curly, wavy or frizz-prone hair without flattening it with a straightener, Aveda’s Smooth Infusion line is, in my opinion, unbeatable. Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother smooths down the hair cuticle and defends against humidity to keep it frizz-free, and either Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener or Naturally Straight straightens out your strands. Aveda’s Phomollient and Confixer, as well as Kevin Murphy’s Easy Rider and Super Goo are other great products to achieve a smooth finish with a brush and blowdryer. 

If you are heat styling your hair, whether with a blowdryer, straightener or curling iron, a heat protectant is a must. My favourites are Aveda’s Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair (which is particularly lightweight), Brilliant Damage Control and Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother.


Embrace Those Curls

Curls should be dried and set with as little “ruffling” as possible. That is to say, after washing and conditioning, avoid roughly towel drying and brushing your hair. While your hair is still very wet, use a wide tooth comb to detangle and part if needed. Instead of a fibrous towel, use a cotton shirt or other smooth, absorbent fabric to gently squeeze excess water from the hair. This is one of the most important steps to minimize frizz and keep curls in tact. Apply product as directed. Often people will have sections of hair that don’t curl as much or as well as others. At this point, you can twist those sections into curls before drying.

To get optimum body and curl, flip your head upside down, and use a diffuser to completely dry your hair, using high heat and low air flow. Start by holding the diffuser to the ends of your curls, moving them as little as possible. Work your way up to the root of the hair, still taking care to move the hair as little as possible. Once your hair is completely dry, switch your dryer to cool air and work the diffuser around your head to set your curl.

Now that your hair is set, you can refine your style. Use your fingers to gently shake out or scrunch curls that appear too “doll-like.” I often finish off my style with a curling rod on the layers framing my face, which tend to hang straighter than the rest.


Patience and Practice

It takes time to learn how to work with your hair. Don’t be discouraged if you try something new and it doesn’t work exactly the way you hoped the first time, or even the first five times. Curls have memory and the more often they’re allowed to coil, the better they’ll be at it. Remember that colouring, damage, length, texture, density, and even the shampoo and conditioner you use can all affect the way your hair behaves, and you may have to make some changes to get the results you want.

If you need help learning to style your hair, please come in to TRiM for our professional opinion and advice! We want you to love your hair every day, and not just after an appointment at the salon.


2015 New year, new hair!

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By Bridgette. Stylist at Trim Hair Salon.

Trim Hair Salon - Bridgette


So the holidays are over, we are back to real life. Most people are about to get hammered with holiday bills, but guess what? Your hair doesn’t have to take the hit, and I will tell you why.

As much as we want to see our beautiful guests in our chairs, we also want to offer realistically good hair that fits everyone’s budget. That’s why I’m so happy with the 2015 seasonal trend.

Just as the powers that be told us to lop our locks off and get a lob now they say grow grow grow! So you guessed it, length is in!

The longer the better. Bohemian waves, and long and low ponytails that scream femininity are ruling the runway. The trickle down affect is rippling slowly into real life, letting us stylists translate these fashion looks into the everyday woman’s hair.

The best way to achieving any of these looks is to first visit your stylist. We can set the look in motion and shape your hair for the grow-out. Secondly, finding the right product to keep it looking healthy.

Winter is often guilty of drying our hair out, and frizzing us up, so first start by using Aveda’s Smooth Infusion Shampoo and Conditioner to tame this down.
Towel dry the moisture out as much as possible and grab your Kevin Murphey Hair resort Spray. Get “a day at the beach hair” with this fragrant volumizing beach hair spray. Honey, Citrus and Tangerine make this spray essential for sexy messy surfer girls and boys.
How to use: Spray onto damp or dried hair, scrunch in and go.
Benefits: Weightless, texture enhancer, surfer look spray, non-aerosol beach hair spray, soft natural texture.

Try this DIY link to help you reproduce the magic! These Beachy Bohemian waves will leave you feeling feminine and perfectly on trend:

If your ready to rock the runway and want to try your hand at a long and lean ponytail then click here and pair with a poppy red lip:

Three of my favorite seasons looks are seen below. We are starting to say goodbye to intense ombre looks and now glossy solid hues are finding there way back.

Let us at TRiM hair salon get you ready for a new and fabulous year!

Trim hair salon-2015 New year, new hair!

Holiday hair season!

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Styling advice, and great gift ideas.

By Bridgette. Stylist at Trim Hair Salon.


Trim Hair Salon - Bridgette


There is something in the air right now. A flutter of excitement as we arrive at our winter holiday season. Your TRiM Hair family wants you to be completely prepared and so we have put together a few tips and tricks to ensure you won’t be left out in the cold without a great style. Even the busiest of us gals would agree that having your locks looking luscious is the best accessory no matter the event. This 2014/2015 season is winding up to be a great mix of materials, some re-inspired looks with a new twist, and some pretty wild new trends (aka:the wet look).

My personal fave is any vintage inspired take on a classic side swept look. The following links will help you achieve this at home.But first remember the crucial step to recreating any salon worthy look, is the product you use and how you prepare the hair so that your style lasts.Start with using Angel wash and rinse and a little anti gravity spray at your roots, flip your head upside down and blow dry until there is no moisture found in your hair. Remember to wait a few seconds to allow the hair to fully finish cooling before you flip right side up. My favorite product that is nothing short of a miracle is Kevin Murphey’s …powder puff, sprinkle sparingly at your roots. Now your ready to follow the directions on the DIY links we have provided for you, thanks to Pinterest:

Side Swept
Step By Step

Whether you come see us and let the professionals do the work, or you take on the challenge for yourself, a little embellishment has never hurt.
Some of the most beautiful pieces are found this season at Anthropologie. If you’re ready to make a statement and are inspired by vintage glamour with a winteresque feel then these pieces will be sure to impress.

Anthropologie Red Headband
Anthropologie Gold Headband

Only 6 WEEKS left until the holidays, and in the salon world this is the busiest time of year.

Many stylists are already booking up and  have limited appointments available so please look ahead in your calendar and make the call to book your appointments before your holiday events. You may want an up do, a bombshell blowout, or just need your roots refreshed, nonetheless its time to call and let us help you to be prepared for the busy weeks ahead.

TRiM is currently featuring holiday gift packages as an affordable present.
Kevin Murphey’s Angel Wash set includes a shampoo and conditioner as well as a free Angel scented candle. The Hydrate me gift set includes shampoo and conditioner and a free hand lotion (and who of us couldn’t use a little more hydration at this time of the year).
TRiM gift certificates for your mom, wife, girlfriend, or sister, to come in an experience some pampering and beautification is a chance to make them feel special.
Gift certificates can be purchased in any amount and are a perfect personal gift.

Here are a few of my favorite looks for this season and I look forward to recreating them on you for your special event!


See you soon!

Fresh for Fall – Colour Tips

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By Svein. Stylist at Trim Hair Salon.

This time of year is all about transitioning from summer blondes and washed out brown hues to the rich warmth of fall inspired colours.

As the sunny days of summer come to an end, summer locks are in much need of rich conditioning and shine.

Here are 3 colour ideas that will inspire change for even the most faint of heart!

Fall tonal gloss.
Is your summer blonde washing you out? Try a colourless gloss! the damage free way to give your hair a healthy condition and shine. Add golden or strawberry blonde tones to your existing hair colour.
Don’t be shy, this is a great option for a natural and subtle change for the colder months ahead!

Fall rich deposit.
Has your brown become bronde? Want a change without the commitment? This is the perfect option for those of you who want a noticeable change, without the commitment of permanent colour. Think less maintenance. Deposit only colour is ammonia free and damage free! Bleach blondes become richer blondes with more shine and depth. Brunettes take on rich chocolate shades with a conditioning colour deposit. Even red shades have a natural advantage with a rich deposit-only colour. Oh yah, and did I mention that there’s no commitment? Don’t be afraid of warmth!

Fall permanence.
Tired of change? Ready for commitment? Permanent colours are the best way to achieve bold change. intense reds and coppers are sometimes achieved best by using a permanent colour. Aveda permanent colours are 100% customizable.
Fall is about embracing change in style. call Trim today to book a free colour consultation or colour service.


How To: Vacation Hair

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When you’re on vacation, you deserve a break! Not only from work and your everyday routine, but also a break from styling your hair.  Unless you’re prepared to wear a wig, sport a 24/7 top bun or shave your head while you are on vacation, taking a time away from doing your hair will be basically impossible. Not only is it unrealistic, but you might even have to work harder to tame that mane depending on climate and frizz factor!

Today I’m offering some quick tips on how to be prepared for the climate you are traveling to. Again and again, so many of my guests have confessed their frustration AFTER they have returned from a beautiful tropical trip. I hear about major frizz issues, or that they didn’t know what tools/ products to bring, especially when it comes to liquid restrictions on flights.

Not every head of hair is the same. Some people have more frizz issues than others, but generally, if your hair is longer than a chin length bob (and not ‘poker straight’) then you’ll want to do something with your hair while you are away before taking a selfie in front of the Eiffel tower.

So- here it is: products, tools, and styling recommendations to make your life a little easier while you are on vacation

MUST BRING: travel size professional products. You can purchase travel size kits to fill with your own products at any dollar store so you don’t have to buy mini shampoos and conditioners. Although it is tempting to use the hotel shampoos and conditioners, please don’t! They can make your hair greasy and /or dry out your professionally coloured hair, leaving your hair feeling more dry and damaged.  I also recommend bringing styling product, elastics, a flat iron/curl wand, and clips

Trim Hair Salon - Howto vacation hair

SUNNY/TROPICAL CLIMATE – if your blonde highlights cant afford to hang out in the sun- protect your locks by using AVEDA Hair veil or sun masque.

DRY DESSERT CLIMATE- if your hair is already parched use KEVIN MURPHY Hydrate Me wash/rinse.

RAINY OR JUST PLAIN HUMID CLIMATE – If your hair becomes frizzier on a humid day AVEDA Smooth infusion style prep/ or be curly style prep- both can be air-dried or blown dry to prevent excessive unwanted frizz. Also- AVEDA Air control- adds weightless hold, defends frizz from humid any climate

ALSO- if you have an oily scalp- and you are worried about grease- bring along AVEDA Shampure shampoo- it gives a squeaky clean feel and can be used as a body wash as well:)

A few simple styles to rock while away:

Trim Hair Salon - Howto vacation hair

Worst case scenario- just treat yourself to a shampoo and BLOWDRY at a local salon if you are away on business or just want to be pampered. They usually cost 30-45$ and takes about 30 minutes.

Oscar Night

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By Jocelyn

Ah, the Oscars. It might be my favourite night of the year. The movies, the music, the spectacular gowns and jewels, Leo, Bradley and Jared all in one place – what’s not to love? Aside from Matthew McConaughey winning an oscar before Leo, but I digress.

Now we all know that one of the best parts of award shows are the red carpet arrivals, and that the best and worst dressed awards issued by tabloids the following day are often talked about more than the actual statues bestowed the night before. Unfortunately, some of us (me) made the mistake of watching the E! network’s red carpet coverage, and it seems Ryan Seacrest totally dropped the ball. We missed almost everyone before finally changing the channel, so here are a few observations on what I did manage to see of the hair, makeup and fashion from last night.

Trim Hair Salon - Oscar Night

First and foremost, can we all take a moment to appreciate Jared Leto’s amazing ombre? The tones are perfect, and that long flowing hair he clearly got from his mom and his healthy lifestyle (the real-life Jordan Catalano has been vegan for years) makes his pretty face that much prettier. I also loved his cream and white suit. Seacrest also rocked the cream and white, but apparently didn’t feel the need to get a haircut for the evening.

Like the rest of North America, I love me some Jennifer Lawrence. However, I have not been loving her short hair lately. I don’t like the way they’ve been styling it ala Kate Gosselin, but last night it looked amazing, all swept back from her face; very vintage-glam and soft.

Trim Hair Salon - Oscar Night










Generally speaking, softer, looser hair and simple makeup tend to look better with the uber-formal attire worn to events like this, and Cate Blanchette and Julia Roberts did it perfectly. I wasn’t a huge fan of either of their dresses, but the hair and dewy makeup were perfection. Missing that memo were Amy Adams, who looked like she did her hair herself, and Sandra Bullock, who badly needed her curls brushed out. Loved her dress though.

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis have to be the most beautiful couple. His hair. It was the first thing I noticed when they came on screen, which is saying a lot considering what both of their faces look like. Perfect length, perfect style. And Olivia’s colour and messy updo superbly offset her dramatic black gown.

Finally, Lupita Nyong’o. She’s looked stunning on every red carpet this season, but she could wear a paper bag and still look flawless. I loved her dress (who didn’t?) and the thin headband she wore last night though. It was very halo-esque and she looked angelic.

And for what it’s worth…

Best Dressed – Lupita Nyong’o

Worst Dressed – Portia De Rossi

Best Hair –  Jennifer Lawrence, Jason Sudeikis

Worst Hair – Amy Adams

Proud to be Green!

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Green Circle Salon

For almost two years now, we’ve been a part of a very important movement within our industry. If you’re not already familiar with them, Toronto-based Green Circle Salons is a small company with BIG ideas. Their goal? To make the Canadian salon industry sustainable by the year 2020. And with participation growing from salons nationwide, together we are surely making a difference.

When we first learned of this concept, we didn’t even hesitate to sign on. To be able to keep items from our daily operations out of landfills is exactly the kind of movement we want to be a part of! Items that we used to deem wasteful like hair, foils, and colour tubes, are now sorted in-house and picked up by GCS for recycling. They’ve re-used the hair for things like cleaning up oil spills and the foils/colour tubes are easily repurposed into other materials. The program also gives us the resources to properly dispose of chemicals rather than rinsing them down the drain.

We are so happy to be a Green Circle Salon and take pride in knowing that we’re doing our part to help keep our people and our planet beautiful. If you’d like to learn more about Green Circle Salons, you can visit them at