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Let’s get through the winter blues

My Hair I mean, Get my Hair through the winter blues…

It’s true, we all feel Blah by this mid-winter, grey, damp time of year. Vancouver can be especially harsh on those of us that crave sun.

But what about our hair, our skin? They feel it too! So, what can we do to support our outer selves while we wait for the Sun to grace us again? Let’s go over some quick tips to stay on top of it.

Well first and foremost GET THAT VITAMIN D PEOPLE! Go talk to your local Natural Food Store, Pharmacy, Or Even Doctor… It’s a real thing.

Second…DO NOT skip a winter haircut. It is necessary to keep on top of our locks all year round, you know what…it’s going to do more then make your hair feel great, you will feel great too!

Lastly…get the right products in your tresses. To compliment the damp, Winter air we need two things; Hydration and Anti Humidity Protection.

Ladies!!! We have you covered! The Aveda Smooth Infusion Shampoo, Conditioner, and Style Prep Smoothing Fluid are sure to keep your fly-a-ways in check. Our Loma Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner comes in a duo pack that not only quenches your hair but is super affordable coming in at only $28.50 for BOTH 355 ml bottles. That’s killer good for your hair and your pocket book.

But let’s face it nothings going to make us feel quite like spring… Which is just around the corner! In the meantime, come see us at TRiM ! #trimhairsalon #VancouverBC #VancouverHairStylist #haircut #AVEDA #LOMA

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We’re in Vancouver Magazine!

Last week our little family-run, neighbourhood salon was so proud to be featured in Vancouver Magazine alongside two of Vancouver’s largest, most high-profile salon chains. We helped give insight into what’s going on with hair this season, with our one and only Ms. Sarah as our gorgeous model.

Check out the article here or below for hair trends right now, and to see us in print 🙂


Vanmag.com – Top 3 Fall Hair Trends To Try

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Bangs! Part Deux

Here is our step-by-step, foolproof, piece of cake guide to blowdrying your bangs.

1. When blowdrying your hair, always begin with your bangs.

2. Position blowdryer a few inches above the centre of your forehead, pointing directly down.

3. Switch your blowdryer to high heat and high speed.

4a. Straight Across Fringe Keep blowdryer stationary, and using a paddle brush (Aveda’s is our personal favourite), brush back and forth across your forehead until bangs are completely dry.

4b. Side Sweep Fringe Keep blowdryer stationary, and using a paddle brush (Aveda’s is our personal favourite), brush in the opposite direction of your side sweep until bangs are completely dry.

5. Switch blowdryer to cool air, and continue brushing back and forth to set.

6. Style bangs as desired.

It is ideal for every single style of bang. You’re welcome.


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Quickfire Q&A: Jillian

Meet Jillian! Our newest team member has been living and working in Calgary the past 3 years, and she’s thrilled to be back on the West Coast. She’s funny, positive and professional, and such a great addition to our little family. You can read her full background and bio here, but to get to know her a little better we did a quick little q&a between clients.


So we know you’re new to the city; what’s your favourite thing about Vancouver?
Oh, the rain. Haha, no, living so close to the water.

Favourite shop on Main?
Front & Company

Favourite movie?
True Romance

Current musical obsession?
I don’t want to sound too basic, but Beyoncé’s Lemonade album.

Favourite go-to hair product?
Aveda Air Control

Food you cannot live without?
Sushi. Actually, pizza.

Why hair?
I was cutting my Barbie’s hair when I was 8 years old, and it’s always been something I’ve loved.

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Our VIFF List


Each year the Vancouver International Film Festival takes over our city’s theatres for a few weeks. And each year it doesn’t disappoint in giving us a smorgasbord of beautiful, often wrenching films to enrich our minds and enliven our senses.

Here are a few on our must-see list.

freightenedtherealpriceofshippingFreightened: The Real Price of Shipping

84 min.

With our local waters dotted with tankers year-round, this documentary should be on every Vancouverite’s list. A look at the shipping industry and what it’s doing to our planet, this film exposes the lack of regulations that exist on the open ocean, and why it’s so important to think globally and buy locally. Tickets here

Next (and last) showing October 12 @ 6:30 pm. The Cinematheque


76 min.

Bringing attention to an art form that is rarely even considered one, this film shines a spotlight on women whose medium is, of course, yarn. From wool graffiti to floating textile cities in Japan, this doc shows the technique and talent necessary behind weaving. It’s sure to be a stunning, colourful look at a kind of modern art rooted in a centuries-old, largely female-dominated craft. Tickets here

Next showing October 2 @ 8:45 pm. SFU Goldcorp (Woodward’s)

hellodestroyerHello Destroyer

110 min.

In his first full-length feature film, Vancouver native Kevan Funk has written and directed what looks to be both a poignant look at the dysfunctional nature of institutionalized sports, and the all-too familiar story of one of their casualties. Anyone living in or from a small town where hockey is often king should check this one out. Tickets here

Next (and last) showing October 6 @ 3:45 pm. International Village

marryingthefamilyMarrying the Family

86 min.

In our business we tend to hear an awful lot about weddings. We can say with authority that what should be a celebration of love with family and friends often turns into an expensive marathon of keeping all parties involved appeased. This funny story of a bride-to-be and her quirky family looks like something anyone who has been part of a wedding can relate to. Tickets here

Next showing October 2 @ 6:00 pm. Rio Theatre

livingwithgiantsLiving With Giants

79 min.

Living With Giants is a portrait of a young Inuk, Paulusie, in a changing Arctic landscape. Devoid of agenda, and balancing between Paulusie’s own life and the social issues in his community, this documentary offers a comprehensive look at life for Native youth in the North. Tickets here

Next showing October 3 @ 10:45 am. International Village

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New Product Alert!


We are in love with Aveda’s new split end repair! The consistency is somewhere between a cream and a serum, but it’s super duper lightweight. Apply it to the ends of dry hair in need of some love and you’ll notice an improvement instantly. (The full-size tube is also small enough to take in your hand luggage when flying, which is always handy for those who like to travel light. Someone we know just went to Italy with just this and some Shampure dry shampoo in tow to keep her mane in check, and it was a resounding success.)

More information here, and drop by the salon to try it out or pick one up!

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Autumn Update (and some love)

It’s been a busy fall already at Trim, with people coming and going on holidays, some new faces, and some familiar ones leaving us. Our dear Abby* is moving away at the end of the month, but as a parting gift, got us set up with a brand new (much more efficient) scheduling software. As such, we will very soon be able to offer you online booking, and help out our amazing front line team as they keep our little salon running smoothly. We’ve also opened up on Sundays again! It’s by appointment only, so give us a call if you’d like to take advantage of the peaceful Sunday salon vibes.

Keep an eye on the blog and our Facebook page for a little intro to our new stylist Jillian, and new front line member Jess. It already feels like they’ve been with us forever, which is always a nice way to start.

Amidst the changes and craziness, with Thanksgiving just around the corner (already!?), we wanted to reach out to our wonderful guests to say a big, huge THANK YOU. We are so grateful that you continue to support us, and keep the shop buzzing with your awesome energy and beautiful hair. It’s a pleasure to come to work every day because of you 🙂


*pun intended

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Product of the Month

Staying.Alive Leave-in Conditioner


Not only does Staying Alive help strengthen your hair and stimulate growth, this leave-in conditioner is incredibly light in both weight and scent.

With ingredients like honey, ivy and coconut extract softening and moisturizing hair from root to end, your strands will shine once again. Also infused with thermal protection, this one’s a winner for those of us who like to keep it to just one product. And, as an added bonus, burdock root and grapefruit extract are working together behind the scenes to keep your scalp healthy and happy, and promote hair growth.

Staying Alive stays true to Kevin Murphy’s “skincare for your hair” credo, keeping things lightweight and simple. Definitely a fav here at Trim.

How To Use

1. Spray on wet hair, making sure to get each quadrant of your head.

2. Wait a few seconds and comb through with a medium- to wide-tooth comb.

3. Style as desired.

Watch this tutorial for a big blow dry using Staying Alive as well as Anti Gravity volumizer.

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Fall is a great time to get a fringe. It’s an easy way to switch up your look, and a fun farewell to the heat and humidity of the summer (with enough time to grow out before next year).

Here are a few of our favourites, and who they’re best suited to.


The Zooey. Whether shorter and shattered, or hanging long and heavy, Zooey Deschanel’s trademark fringe is always quite full. It’s great for those with lots of fine hair and a high forehead. The low, strong line will make your eyes pop, but think carefully about this one – it takes FOREVER to grow out.

Zooey-Deschanel-ART_0 Zooeybang


Micro bangs (or baby bangs) are now and have always been the coolest. They’re best for bob-length and above, and tend to work well with finer hair textures. And see above re: grow-out.

micro1 micro206-micro-bob-bangs-6


Which brings us to what I call the midi bang. Well above the eyebrow, but not short enough to be considered a micro, this fringe is best carried off with full confidence. It adds a little intrigue while opening up and elongating your face.

midi2 midibang1 Baby_Bangs_Vogue_Italia_


Ah, the Bardot bang. So versatile. So multifaceted. So timeless. This bang starts out as an almost full fringe with a lot of texture, slopes down at the corners, and grows out beautifully. If you’re into this look, it works best if you’re willing to put in a bit of blow-dry time.

bardot BB1 brigitte-bardot


The side-sweep works great for those with a naturally deep part, strong growth patterns along the front hairline and anyone who wants a fringe without commitment. It looks best when blow-dried, but it’s not absolutely necessary depending your hair type.


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HOW TO: Crimp Without a Crimper


Love the look of an unruly crimp? Lamenting the loss of your crimper for $10 at that yard sale back in 1997? Us too. Luckily crimping without a crimping iron is super simple, and actually gives a better result.


  1. When hair is damp (the wetter your hair, the longer lasting the crimp), apply a volumizer with a bit of hold from root to end. Aveda’s Phomollient or Kevin Murphy’s Body Builder are great options.
  2. Beginning at the nape, take small sections of hair – no more than 1 inch – and braid down to the bottom. Secure with a soft elastic or backcomb the ends gently to hold. The very tips of your ends are the most fragile and prone to breakage so handle with care.
  3. Continue until the desired amount of “crimping” is in place, and then set with a very light hairspray.
  4. Once dry, break up the braids and brush out with a soft, nylon or boar-bristle brush. The more you brush the bigger it will be.

*best done before bed


  • Unless you’re going for a very uniform look, vary the the size of your braids and the consistency of their placement.
  • For crimps that go all the way to the root, begin as you would a french braid from the scalp.
  • No time to wash? Braid your dry hair as described and then run a flat iron over the braids a few times to lock them in. Allow them time to cool and then break up and brush.


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